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We work with the residents of Garden Grove to help them get the money they want today, without waiting. We have a staff of experienced loan professionals that will work with you to prepare the cash advance that you need without causing you a lot of hassle or making you wade through mountains of red tape. We have the know-how to get you a Car Title Loan in Garden Grove quickly while you can sit back and relax. We have what it takes to see your emergency loan through from the beginning to the end, so apply now and let us do that for you!

Fast Cash in One Hour

It doesn’t take more than one hour for us to work our financial magic. You can apply online anytime and we will take care of everything. The first thing we will do is review your application and then evaluate your automobile. Depending on your car’s condition and its value, we will begin preparing your loan of $2,600 to $20,000. Once you turn in your online loan application and your car title, your work is finished! We do the rest.

Easy Approval Process

The reason the car title loan approval process goes so quickly is that we do not run a credit check on any of our applicants. If you own a car in Garden Grove, that is enough for us. We are not going to pry into your credit history because your car secures a car title loan. Bad credit or good credit, it doesn’t matter. We will immediately approve your cash advance based on the value of your car.

Low-Interest Emergency Loans

Car title loans in Garden Grove are low-risk loans. This makes them easy for everyone to get and it also means they are eligible for low-interest rates. Compared to unsecured bank loans, car title loans are cheaper. So you not only save time with auto title loans, you also save money!

How it Works

The only thing you need to qualify for car title loans Garden Grove is an automobile that you own. And of course, you must prove to us that you own it. That’s as simple as sending us your car title when you apply because the name of the owner is written on the car title. We will hang on to your car title while you enjoy the benefits of car title loans in Garden Grove. Since we have your car title, it makes your personal loan low in risk, so that means you can get reduced interest rates. When you finish paying for the loan, we will return your car title to you.

Applying for Car Title Loans

To apply for your instant cash just go online and find the car title loans Garden Grove application form. Fill in the blanks, which are pretty simple. You’ll need to let us know who you are and then what kind of car you have. Since we’re basing your car title loan on the value of your car, we’ll need to know the details of the car. Just give us the model car it is, the year, how many miles on the meter and we’ll figure it out from there. Send in your application form once you’ve finished it, and attach your car title to it. When we get it in our office, one of our experienced loan professionals will finish it up for you. If you have any questions when filling it out or sending it in, just give us a call and we’ll help you through each step.

Approving Your Request for Cash

We will take your car title loan application and check the details of your car. After we get an accurate evaluation, we’ll know how much money we can give you. We’ll contact you for the details to set up a convenient payback scheme. You can tell us what is the best due date, how many payments and how to get you the money as soon as possible. We’ll do our part by approving your loan immediately so we can get started on preparing your cash. In less than an hour our work will be done and you will have your emergency loan.

No Credit Check Loans

It’s not a big secret why we can process loans so quickly. It’s because we don’t require all the red tape or any type of a credit check, the way banks do. Banks need a lot of time to process loans because of all the paperwork they insist on. But we only work with secured loans. Secured loans do not need credit checks and they don’t need a lot of the customer’s private information. No matter what kind of problems you’ve had with your credit history in the past, we don’t care. You also don’t have to tell us where you’re working, what kind of a job you have, what your take home pay is or how much money you have in the bank. These are details that are very important to you, but not to us. When you ask us for money, we keep all of your private details a secret. All of our loan officers work with complete confidentiality. Send us your application today and trust us to take the best care of your loan request.

Low Risk and Reduced Rate Loans

Car title loans in Garden Grove are not like bank loans. Don’t expect to stand in line, to wait for approval or to pay high fees. We’re not like that. Banks have to take a lot of money and precautionary measures when they process loans because they work with unsecured loans. Meaning that if  you don’t pay back your loan, they’ll have a problem. So they have to cover themselves for that risk. We don’t have that risk because we’re holding onto your car title. If you don’t pay back your loan then we keep the title. But why wouldn’t you pay it back? Of course you will, so our loans are low risk. Since we’re not putting ourselves out on a limb for you, we don’t need to charge an arm and a leg for our loans. In fact, we can give you car title loans with reduced rates. You will save money because you won’t need to pay us high interest rates and you won’t have high monthly payments. In this way, car title loans are good all around.

How You Can Use Car Title Loans

There are a lot of reasons you can get in a financial situation where you need to come up with fast cash. Car title loans can help you out of all of these financial scrapes. But sometimes you just might need to take a short vacation but you don’t have the money to buy the tickets. Another time you might need money urgently to pay bills that are overdue, to make quick repairs on your home to pay for school fees and books. If you want to start a new business, you probably won’t be able to get a bank loan but we can help you. Whatever you need quick cash for, we are here for you, so call us today. We have the cash you need for any purpose.

Small Business Owners

One of the exciting things in life is when you can finally fulfill a dream of starting your own business. Whether it’s selling handmade trinkets or offering air conditioner repair services, we can help. We know that if you’re ready to open your own company it’s because you have thought about it and are well prepared. Even so, you will most likely have trouble getting a bank to believe in you and give you startup money. But it does take money to get started and it takes more money to keep the business going until the profits start rolling in. So don’t worry about trying to convince your banker to give you a small business loan. Apply for car title loans in Garden Grove and you won’t even need to tell us why you need the money. We will use your car as security so that you can get the money you need in one hour. No red tape and no strings attached. As you begin working and your company grows, you can repay the loan.

School Tuitions and Books to Buy

 It can be really hard to get through one or two semesters of school if you’re short of money. Many students get jobs near the campus and try to work part time while they’re studying, but that isn’t always the best idea. It’s better if you apply for an auto title loan so that you can concentrate on your studies. Use the money from car title loans in Garden Grove to pay your tuition and buy books and supplies for the best chance of success in class.

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